Client Stories

Sherrice S.

Cheree Rapozo made selling my condo a smooth and pleasant experience. She new exactly what to do at every step of the process and gave me excellent guidance along the way. Specifically, Cheree was extremely helpful and responsive. I could not have been any happier working with her! She remained confident when I encountered challenges along the way and always kept me informed. I would highly recommend Cheree Rapozo and her group to anyone selling or buying a house. They are the ultimate professionals! Love Her!

Jim S.

Cheree Rapozo is perhaps the greatest Real Estate agent of all time! She not only moved mountains, she also brought her local knowledge of all things Kaua'i, which helped us as Buyers negotiate through the whole process of buying a home. With Cheree some of the great stuff happened after We purchased the home. Cheree was Intrepid in her help with troubleshooting issues that can befall any new homeowner. Our Highest Regards to Cheree Rapozo We feel we were blessed to have her on Our Side Thank You Cheree!

Jeff E.

Cheree did an amazing job of coordinating with the buyer and our needs. Interest rates started climbing through the roof and Cheree kicked into high gear to position our house for the next family. She stayed with us through the entire process including 2 months after the purchase/rent date to ensure the house was ready for the next family. Her knowledge of the local community and the challenges of buying a home from off-island is invaluable.

Liliana E.

My Diva is the best realtor on the planet. Kaua'i is a secret. If you know? you know. There is only one person who knows all the secrets? Cheree Rapozzo. We were blessed in our life to find someone like her and she will be our lifelong friend and confidant. She is a Rolodex of information whenever you question anything on all the islands of Hawai'i. When we come back she will be hand-holding us through our next chapter on Oahu. I love her and she is my Ohana.

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